Citycamp Madison
Saturday, October 26, 2013 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM (CT) Central Library 201 W Mifflin St Madison, WI 53703 View MapRegister

A Day of Show, Tell, and Do for Civic Hacking

What is CityCamp? An Overview

Madison CityCamp, on Saturday, October 26th, will bring together local government officials, municipal employees, programmers, designers, citizens, and journalists to share perspectives and insights about the cities in which they live.

CityCamp recognizes that local governments and community organizations have the most direct influence and impact on our daily lives. This event seeks to create local communities of practice who are dedicated to design, process, and technology applications that make cities and other local communities more open and “user friendly”.

In Madison, we’ve had some recent community projects that build on top of open government data and/or complement existing city services, best exemplified by the Madison Metro Transit API. CityCampMadison would like to build on this momentum, learn from those experiences and explore new ideas around open, community resources that help city and municipal organizations innovate and deliver new tools to its citizens.

This is the followup to our successful 2011 and 2012 CityCamps. The focus of the 2013 Camp is rough consensus and running code, with a priority on deploying working systems. While this may not be last CityCamp as a singular event, we hope it will mark the transition from occasional events to a more sustained community of civic hackers.

The day will be broken up into two parts. In the morning we will have a series of sessions by members of the Madison community discussing project and initiatives they are involved with that are contributing to the Madison ecosystem.

After a lunch break (on your own), we will break into an unconference, where people can follow up with the morning presenters, host their own sessions or work together on projects. Session ideas are being discussed on Google Moderator and can give you a good sense for the types of topics that may be discussed at the event.

The camp begins with coffee at 9am and the first session starting at 9:30am on Saturday, October 26th 2013, and will take place at the Central Library (201 West Mifflin St.) There is no cost to attend, though we do ask that you register so we can plan ahead. Registration is available here:

We hope to see you on Saturday!


We're collaboratively taking notes on Google Docs. Please feel free to edit along here

Schedule Still Tentantive, and subject to change

Start Time Session
9:00 am Coffee/snacks available, registration open
9:30 am Welcome, Overview, and Schedule Review
9:45 am Representatives of the City of Madison
10:15 am An overview of auto-configured Raspberry Pi-powered Kiosks, for transit and other community data: Preston Austin and Steve Faulkner
10:30 am Madison Citizen Inventory of Parks: Creating a Dataset of What grows Where. Presented by Si Widstrand
10:50 am Short Break
11:00 am Madison Startup Hackday Results: Reps from Hardin Development and Bendyworks
11:20 am Cool Projects from a local hacker
11:40 am The State of Madison Broadband
12:00 pm Lunch (On Your Own)

Afternoon Unconference

In the afternoon, we'll have three tracks of Unconference sessions running. We'll fill in a few sessions before the 26th, but if you have a session you wish to do that day, all you have to do is put it on the board. Please help us by using Google Moderator to Discuss Session Ideas Here

Start Time Track 1: Room XXX1 Track 2: Room XXX2 Track 3: Room XXX3
1:00 pm DriftyCo: HTML5 frameworks and tools Unconference: TBD Unconference: TBD
2:00 pm Tentative: Discuss Tech and the City with Madison Mayor Paul Soglin! Unconference: TBD Unconference: TBD
3:00 pm Kiosk Hacking Hands-on: Create and Register your own channel! Unconference: TBD Unconference: TBD
4:00 pm Wrap-up, continue hacking!

Past Events Resources from past CityCamps

  • Google Moderator: Session ideas from 2012
  • Collaborative Notes from the 2012 CityCamp